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Mother Of All Creation~Filled With Joy

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The Unified Field of Mother of All Creation is the Highest Vibrational Field on the Planet. At these present moments, Mother is in a Galactic ICU Healing Chamber, a state that is necessary for the etheric to carry out major etheric surgeries and repairs. Mom is using Her physical vessel for maximum energetic processing in All moments and so the movement has reduced to the bare minimum. This was a necessary safeguard as the Mother continues to rise in vibration and HUmanity chooses to stay stagnate in 3D control dramas, Mothers Universal and Planetary processing keeps increasing as She awaits Her children fulfilling their contract.

Coloring is Her absolute greatest joy in these moments, the giggles and intensity that pours out is a sight to experience! This Artwork features Crystalline Activation Codes, which is now BEing anchored onto Heart, Earth = Heart and it is through the Heart that we access the Glory of Heaven! 

This artwork shows a divine masculine filled with joy and playing on a swing. One of Mother’s favorite things is to swing! 

Connecting in with this artwork allows us to access the pure essence of simple joy that was embodied by Mother through every moment of this Creation.

All Artworks are provided in a frame!


We are here Brothers and Sisters to be All we are in Heaven, to dissolve the dysfunction.

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