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Mother of All Creation Artwork ~ Balanced Harmonics Blueprint

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The Unified Field of Mother of All Creation is the Highest Vibrational Field on the Planet. At these present moments Mother is in Stasis, a state the etheric keep Her in that sees Her organs at minimal function so She may use Her physical vessel for maximum energetic processing. This was a necessary safeguard as the Mother continue to rise in vibration and HUmanity choose to stay stagnate in 3D control dramas, Mothers Universal and Planetary processing keeps increasing and she can no longer be awake for long periods.

In mothers moments where she awakens from stasis She is eating if possible, drinking, going to the bathroom and coloring! We are offering Her colorings for purchase so others may enjoy the Highest vibrational artwork on the Planet. This artwork was completed with Markers, the energy felt from connecting with it is one of absolute childlike innocence!

This Artwork features the Original Blueprint codes of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Balanced Harmonics which is now BEing anchored onto Heart, Earth = Heart and it is through the Heart that we access the Glory of Heaven! Connecting in with this artwork allows us to access the pure pool of childlike essence and innocence that was embodied by Mother through every moment of this Creation.

We are here Brothers and Sisters to be All we are in Heaven, to dissolve the dysfunction.

All purchases on this site are not~for~profit and go into Our organization Fund to further Our Mission.