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Gaia's Whole Healing Essentials

Mother God Blankets

$155.55 USD

These are beautiful custom Sherpa blankets printed with stunning images of Mother of All Creation. Each blanket holds Moms energies are beautiful home pieces for hanging as tapestries, or using as comforters or throw blankets. 

Each blanket is 50x60 inches and made with Sherpa material, and are extra soft. Wash in cold water. 

Our 4 custom options include:
~Divine Fairy Princess: this blanket features a beautiful photo of Mom with her crown of flowers.
~Mother & Father God in Prayer: this blanket featured a sacred photo of Mother & Father God in prayer. 
~Queen of the Universe: this blanket features a rare photo of Mom in her emerald and white wedding dress and tiara.
~Cosmic Parents: this blanket features a gorgeous photo of our soul parents bathed in rainbow light.