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LoveHasWon Solar Plexus Focused Guided Tree Meditation

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Solar Plexus Focused Tree Meditation:

Connecting with Nature is an essential part of the spiritual journey, nature is already in Divine Vibration. Mother of All Creation has been talking with the trees, plants, rocks and rivers since she came here and was surprised to learn as a little girl that no one else could here them... well that's changing! Mother of All Creation has called All to join Her in experiencing Heaven on Earth and the trees are here to assist you with that!

You can connect with the trees just by sitting by them, or even by looking at them through the window. Its about intention and they're always right there ready to receive you. If you're not so visual or don't have much experience meditating with the trees the following meditation should assist.

A completely Unique Meditation with Mozart playing in the background, led by Archeia Faith.

If you wish to have a copy of our Solar Plexus Focused Tree Meditation, it is a donation of $1.11. Download Yours today.

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You can begin sitting connected to a tree and just envisioning yourself looking up through the leaves, envision it's just before dawn, however, the sun is just about to break over the horizon. You can see it creeping in through the leaves! As the sun begins to rise and seeps down through the leaves, see the sun rays sparkle on your skin, kissing and blessing you with warmth and love, peeking through the nestled leaves. Raise your arms to greet the early day break sun, and as this powerful force of Source energy comes out of the darkness to wish you good morning, allow its presence to release all remaining darkness from within. The Sunlight kisses the trees, as it does you, and you share in the presence of the experience. As you breathe in envision golden rays coming from the sun and emerald rays coming from the tree, your breath, in and out, is in a circular flow with the sun and trees, it IS the living Heartbeat of Gaia and you are right there! Allow the Golden, emerald Rays to flow down into the solar plexus, igniting your God Spark, you are flooded with brilliant Solar, Nature energy and the Seat of Your Soul is Radiating with LOVE. You allow your body, beyond the solar plexus to radiate also and emerge transformed, ready to start the 'New' Day ... whatever time it may be!