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Gaia's Whole Healing Essentials

Gaia’s Oil Pulling & Teeth Healing

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Introducing our Gaia’s Oil Pulling. Oil pulling is shown to be highly effective as a way to cleanse toxins and fungus from the mouth and throat. It is also antifungal and can reduce any infections of the mouth or gums. 
Our teeth are natural energy transmitters and they take on a lot of density. Teeth, gum and mouth infections, sores, cavities etc can all be reduced from oil pulling. Oil pulling also whitens teeth and protects the enamel. 
We created these oil pullings using fractionated coconut oil, our Gaia’s Colloidal Silver, and then added cinnamon and clove essential oil for our healing oil, and peppermint & Tea tree for our whitening oil. 
All of our products are made within the unified field which is the highest vibrational field on the planet. Every product is created using pure intentions of love healing.