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Gaia's Whole Healing Essentials

Gaia’s Face Glow Box

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Face Cream

Introducing out Gaia's Face Glow Box! We are passionate about creating organic and holistic products for healing the skin, rejuvenating it, and caring for it. Skin is our largest organ and it is very sensitive to chemicals and toxins. During this ascension process our skin, especially our faces, are constantly purging out toxins from our body and its vital that we use self-love in caring for it.

All of our skin products are created with the pure intention of love and healing and hold the highest vibrational energies.

Our Glow Box comes with the following

*Gaia's Face Wash-a blend of all natural Castille Soap, Jojoba Oil, & Orange and Lime essential oils

*Face Toner-a blend of water, witch hazel, Jojoba oil, colloidal silver, lemon,

*Glow Serum-a blend of almond oil, green tea seed oil, with hazel hazel,  frankincense, copica, lavender, tea tree & rose essential oil.

*Gaia's Face cream-a blend of aloe vera, coconut oil, green tea seed oil, colloidal silver, jojoba, and choice of lavender or tea tree oil

*Matcha Night Cream-a blend of almond oil, vitamin E, shea butter, aloe vera, matcha green tea, turmeric, baby oil, beeswax, and honey dew and green tea essential oil.

Gaia's love scrub-choice of sugar or charcoal: sugar, colloidal silver, coconut oil, infused with various essential oils.

Glow Eye Serum-almond oil, aloe vera, and turmeric powder.

We recommend using the scrub in the morning to remove all dirt and toxins that purge while we rest, then setting the pores with the toner spray, and following up with either the glow serum or day face cream.

We recommend at night, washing the face clean with the face wash, using the eye serum to reduce any puffiness or dark circles under the eyes, and finishing with the night mask.