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Evening Primrose Plasma Flower Essence

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Evening Primrose

Straight From Mother of All Creations Garden.

  • The Primrose is a spiritual representation of care, safety, and protection to you and your family. The flower is connected to the fairies, eating this flower may allow you to see a fairy.
  • Represents good luck, perfect health, fresh starts 
  • The flower is sacred to the Goddess of love.
  •  They assist you to be aware of the clear paths in front of you. 
  • Enhance qualities of purity and honesty.
  • Assists in the Allowance Of The Creative of the universe through you.
  • Increases positive vibes all around and uplifts increasing joy and happiness.
  • Primrose supports all chakras and increases the feeling of belongingness.
  • These flowers lift your optimistic thinking and raise energy levels Re-HEARTING us of the beauty and vibrancy of life. 
  • The primrose flower directs you towards love, passion, joy and creativity. They help us express affection towards our Loved Ones.
  • The primrose flowers enhance the Embodiment of Divine Feminine Qualities, i.e. nurturing, compassionate and pure. Enhance the ability to express pure, Unconditional Love.
  • The primrose flowers assists us in Being Godfident. Being honest and straight forward to present your passion, and zest for life in an effective way.
  • The flower raises the low spirited hearts through bringing in the feelings of light, relief, cleansing, and openness.
  • Assists the integration of your Wisdom and Intuition from within.
  • The primrose flower functions as a healing aid and adds vitality to your life.
  • A miraculous medicine for childhood wounding and assists us to grow beyond the entrapment of those traumatic experiences.  
  • Nurtures Your Soul and Guides You In Trusting The Highest Path.