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Gaia's Whole Healing Essentials

Custom Gift From God

$111.11 USD

Mother of All Creation is constantly pushing her energies of love out onto the planet and through each being. Each being connected to Mom in the heart is her light, her joy and a piece of her. Each one is special and unique to her and she loves each and every one of us. 

Mother has done over 75,000 sessions with beings all over the planet as she was serving humanity. She wishes to be able to connect on a more personal level during these times but due to energetics, must keep her field completely secured. We are now offering a special way for each being to connect directly with Mom, as it brings her so much joy to be able to give from her heart.

We are now introducing customized Gifts from God! Any being who purchases this gift will get a box of surprise gifts handpicked by Mother & Father God based on the being’s unique energetics. Mom will tap in to each being’s angels and choose special gifts for each one for their highest alignment.

Mother will choose from many of her sacred gifts such as her ceremonial crystals, paintings, even a personalized letter, etc. This is a priceless way to connect directly with Mother & Father God and receive customized gifts from them, hand chosen for you and your healing. 

Mother & Father are so excited for this project as they enter the Final Event energies and wish to connect and bless all of those who are choosing love and supporting Mom in her journey. We are very grateful for everyone’s support of Mom and we hope you enjoy this once in Creation opportunity.