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Crystal Wands of Ascension

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Crystal Wands of Ascension

Crystal Wands

Introducing Crystal Wands! A Revolutionary way to balance the brain, meditate, develop spiritual discipline, focus, flow, further whole inner healing and more. Truly, a profound spiritual practice can be achieved by anyone with the simple use of Crystal Wands.

The Crystal Wands expand and stabilize the ENTIRE Chakra System, increasing flow through each Chakra Point. We are here to be vessels of flow. The use of the Wands honors the energetic requirement of Each Chakra:

Root ~ Trust

Sacral ~ Creativity

Solar ~ Divine Empowerment

Heart ~ Unconditional Love

Throat ~ Divine Expression

Third Eye ~ Divine Intuition

Crown ~ Divine Intelligence

The Crystal Wands continually amaze us as they assist Beings in ways we hadn’t even anticipated!


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23" Wand Length

18" Hand Wand Length

A Variety Of Colors & Designs To Choose From

Genuine Suede Flowers End Piece For Balance & Smooth Gliding Between Hand Wands

Fiberglass Core That Will Last For Years To Come

Silicone Skin For Super Strong Grip

All Professionally Created and Graded to The Highest Standards