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Colloidal Titanium

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"The three main natural colloidal antibiotics are colloidal silver, colloidal gold and colloidal titanium. Artificial antibiotics, produced by pharmaceutical companies gradually force microbes to adapt to these antibiotics, and they lose their effectiveness over time. Therefore, medical scientists must continually strive to develop new products and spend many millions of dollars in the process.
This is not true of the natural colloidal antibiotics of silver, gold and titanium, because they effect microbes on the basis of frequency. Silver has the lower frequency, and is effective against most harmful microbes today. Gold is next with a higher frequency. So, titanium has the highest frequency, when a stronger antibiotic is needed to fight the more aggressive microbes.
Colloidal Titanium is a very pale yellow color. The metal itself is hypoallergenic. It's often used for medical tools and used internally to replace joints and strengthen bones that have been broken in the human body.
The body conducts minute electric currents through the nervous and muscular system every second it's alive. This can be proven and recorded by sensitive instruments. Disturbances in the body’s electrical system can cause many illnesses and health problems.
Every day now we are constantly being exposed to a wide range of electromagnetic waves, which harm the body and cause some extreme health issues, including cancers, and terminal illness. Titanium, with its high frequency, promotes better electrical current through the bodies nervous system and helps neutralize the negative affect of electromagnetic waves bombarding us from all directions. Colloidal Titanium improves metabolism and reduces muscle stiffness and pain caused by heavy physical activities.
Athletes and people in general who want to be healthy are discovering Colloidal Titanium and benefiting from this important nutrient.
We are electrical beings. That said, Colloidal Titanium works to balance our bodies electrical system and improves muscle movement, helps with different pains and aches, and general well being.
We live our lives today surrounded by household appliances, cell phones, cell towers, motors, and many other devices that put off dirty electromagnetic waves. These electromagnetic waves disrupt our bodies normal electrical currents and leave behind free radicals that damage our physical health. It would be impractical today to try and live without most of these electrical devices, but we can do something about the exposure we constantly are bombarded with.
Titanium is found naturally in our bodies in it's highest concentration in the muscles and bones. There it promotes growth and an upright posture. Titanium has anti-inflamatory properties, and fights off colds, bronchitis, pneumonia and kidney infections.
Titanium fortifies the heart muscle and helps our bodies ability to regenerate this very important organ."
Legal Disclaimer: Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. We are not medical professionals and cannot offer any medical opinions or diagnoses, nor do we provide any FDA approved advice or products. However, we do provide our personal experiences of healing and success using colloidal silver and other alternative medicines, as well as the guidance of its amazing healing properties from Mother of All Creation. We suggest that the use of colloidal for healing purposes be used in conjunction with all of our spiritual techniques and tools. We do not guarantee or make any promises of its effectiveness in healing or curing any diseases or illnesses, as every being must take responsibility for the healing of their personal energetics. We do guarantee that each bottle of colloidal has been made in pure consciousness, with loving intention, and infused with Kryolite crystals and moon bathed for purity. We hope you enjoy our product and feel the love we have poured into it.