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Gaia's Whole Healing Essentials

Wellness Box

$111.11 USD

Introducing our Gaia’s Wellness Box! During these moments it’s important to raise the vibration of your physical vessel and your environment to boost your immunity to any virus or illnesses.

All of our products are created with all organic ingredients and are completely chemical free. They are infused with Mom’s energies of love and healing.

Each box includes:

*Gaia’s Whole Healing Cleaning Spray-this is an all purpose spray that can be used as a general cleaner for any and all surfaces. It was created using water infused with wild sage which is great for cleansing, then mixed with our Gaia’s Colloidal Silver, rubbing alcohol, and cinnamon bark, orange, and lemon essential oil. There are no harsh chemicals or toxins in this product.

*Gaia’s Colloidal Silver & Gold Package-4 oz f our silver and gold to assist with healing of the physical vessel and raising vibrations. It is recommended to take 5 dropper fulls of each per day.

*Sage Kit-includes one white sage which is great for cleansing and clearing all toxins in the air, and palo santo which helps protection.

*Gaia’s Colloidal Silver Eye Droppers-this is a 2oz bottle of our colloidal silver that contains minimal amounts of our turmeric extract so it is safe to be used in the eyes for any infections, irritations, and to protect against any viruses, can be used for children, adults and pets.

*Eucalyptus Healing Soap-this is a coconut milk based soap infused with our colloidal silver, great for cleansing of the hands, face or body. It is also infused with Eucalytpus, tea tree, and lemon essential oil, and topped with lily flower.

*Gaia’s Tea Tree Spray-this is an all purpose healing spray that is created using water, tea tree oil, lavender oil, and colloidal silver. This is great for any cuts, open wounds, or skin irritations. Can be used for pets as well.