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Gaia's White Sage (Domestic Shipping)

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Gaia's White Sage

Introducing our selection of White Sage, a sacred, cleansing, purifying, spiritual tool for home, ceremonies and more. Our White Sage is blessed within the energies of the Unified Field of Pure Consciousness.

Native Americans have passed on this tradition for generations. The use Sacred Sage, which represents the Divine Feminine energies, helps ward off evils spirits, negative energies and used in ceremonies to seek blessings of protection, healing, prosperity and the banishment of spirits.

We recommend the use of white sage for all your cleaning needs and the scent is itself is amazing.

Consider our selection of Palo Santo, which represents the Divine Masculine energies, for additional cleansing and clearing. Also our Gaia's Mermaid Shells. A powerful combination for any home.

All of our products are ORGANIC, made and infused with crystals!! In addition to this they are moon bathed. We follow Dr. Emoto's philosophy of intention, pouring love & healing intentions into all of our products. This makes our product the highest vibrational products on the market. The consciousness of all BEings involved with creating any product will be absorbed by the product. We take great care to make sure only high consciousness and love is poured into the creation and handling of ALL of our products.