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Gaia's Whole Healing Essentials

Meditation Kit

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Meditation is a powerful tool that helps with getting ourselves into the present moment of NOW, which is where we are able to access our connection to Source and our higher self. The 3D illusion was created to a place of distraction and escape in order to take us away from the peaceful and centered place, which is where our 5D selves reside.

The simplicity and magic of meditation helps get in tune with our physical body, get into the present moment of now, and connect with our angels and higher self. During meditation, automatic writing can also be done which is an important tool for anchoring in the higher self.

In truth, everything we do can be a meditation when we are in the present moment but as part of being spiritually disciplined beings we should be connecting with our angels and higher self daily for guidance and strengthening our etheric connection.

This kit is intended for every being to integrate their spiritual discipline into their daily lives and fully anchor in their higher selves. This kit includes:

*Meditation Journal: Each kit comes with a meditation journal, each with unique artwork done by the First Contact Ground Crew Team. Journaling during meditation and practicing automatic writing is important for documenting our journeys and helping us recall insights, visions, and guidance. It can also be used for writing down our intentions and dreams for manifestation, or used for writing ceremonies.

*Ceremonial Sage Kit: Our ceremonial sage kits helps cleanse our environments as well as our bodies of toxins and lower vibrations. The White Sage is a feminine energy that helps balance us, and the Palo Santo is a masculine blend to help energize us. This kit also comes with a Selenite wand which is ideal for cleaning energies and also protecting us from outside lower frequencies. Each kit includes a mermaid shell for ashing.

*Ceremonial Candles: Our ceremonial candles are made with organic soy wax and infused with lingonberry oil, Rose Buds & Myosotis flower, designed to bring calm, serenity and peace. They are blessed with the highest intentions of love and healing and can be used during meditation or for burning ceremonies during higher energetic days such as New/Full Moons, Solstices, Equinoxes, and Portals.

*This kit also includes our Meditation Guide, which includes wisdom and tools from Mother of All Creation on meditation and anchoring in the higher self, as well as suggestions and mantras that can be used to get centered and in the present moment of now.