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Full Moon Ceremonial Handwrapped Flint Stone

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Flint is an ancient stone with many medicinal and healing qualities. It can be used to cleanse water and also purify the chakras. This stone especially helps strengthen the heart. 

The flint stone carries strong energies of action and inspiration. In ancient times it was often carried by travelers to help with protection and serenity. 

All crystalline structures are very adept at the storage and transmission of energies. Different crystals provide access to different realms of awareness and experience. All these realms are Queendoms of Love, aspects of Loves wisdom and Experience. Crystals are alive and are portals to our inner Love and All Creation. They are our friends and companions on this journey, and help immensely in reconnecting us with Love Everywhere Present. 

This crystal was used by Mother of All Creation in a Full Moon in Aries Ceremony. This crystal was infused with the powerful energies of this Full Moon, for strength, courage, passion and love.