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Gaia's Whole Healing Essentials

Gaia's Artisan Crystal Rings

$55.55 USD

Special handcrafted Cosmic God Jewelry!!

Artisan Handcrafted Crystal Rings!

We are blessed to introduce the this new magical product line! Gaia's Cosmic God Jewelry. These rings are handmade right from the raw material and crystals are fused with the copper using electroforming! A True Artisan Craft!

Crafted based on Unique Energetics with Mother God and the Angels, we are offering Individualized unique treasures created for your specific healing, vibrational resonance, shielding, evolution into your higher self and Pure Joy!

These rings will be major supports in assisting you on this magical Ascension path. It’s time to connect yourself more to who you are and to wear that expression with Joy. ALL CRYSTAL HAVE BEEN BLESSED AND INFUSED WITHIN MOTHER GOD'S UNIFIED FIELD.

Order your Artisan Crystal Ring NOW! Each order will be shipped out with 5-7 business days. All orders will be intuitively chosen from our pre-made collection. If you wish to order a custom piece with choice of stone, please choose the custom ring option. 

Three Tiers of Artisan Crystal Rings Available:

Tier 1 DELICATE DIVINITY $55.55 ~ Delicate and Ornate Rings, featuring 1-3 gemstones, piece specific.
Tier 2 BALANCED HARMONICS $66.66 ~ A double band with a unique design and an array of precious gems and crystals, piece specific.
Tier 3 GRACE OF GOD $88.88 ~ Stunning and exquisite pieces, hours of craftsmanship and care pour into these God Worthy rings, piece specific.

Tier 4 CUSTOM PIECE $111.11~This will be a custom ring designed by you with choice of stone and size!