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Gaia's Colloidal Platinum

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Introducing our New Gaia’s Colloidal Platinum! This Is Mom’s Magical Miracle Elixer. Platinum is a very rare material and has very special and spiritual properties. It holds etheric vibrations which raise the vibration of your spiritual energy within the body. Platinum is a cosmic DNA upgrader, as it heals the chakra systems and allows you to connect with higher frequencies. 

“Platinum is quite literally out of this world. Famed through its affiliation with extraterrestrials, this metal actually does emulate vibrations of raw galactic energy.  Regardless, this stone has hands down some of the most interesting and unique properties of any mineral in the Crystal Kingdom. In the words of Robert Simmons we are given an image of polarity “ As Gold is to personality as Silver is to Soul, Platinum is Spirit.” It has been known to help one perfect the balance of polarity in their life.
Energetically, Platinum aligns and enhances the entire chakra system, linking one to the etheric chakras. Through this link, one may access cosmic attunement and draw cosmic energy into the physical body. It is possible to integrate comsic energy into one's own abilities if one is able to form a balanced link between their own physical/spiritual energy (chakra) and the cosmic energy of the universe. Attunement to the cosmos allows one to form a cosmic body that remains linked to the physical body, assisting with walking in their highest purpose.”

Colloidal platinum promotes the coherence of the electrical impulses that pass along the synapses of the brain. As a result, many experience greater mental clarity and clairvoyance when taking platinum. Increased mental faculties can dramatically change your quality of life. How many of your decisions are based on an expected outcome and programming? We all make our decisions under the assumption that we’re right. If we are able to heal our brain heart connection, a greater percentage of our decisions will feel right, offering a happier, more fulfilled life.

Some of the amazing benefits of platinum include:
* Promotes increased focus and concentration.
* Promotes enhanced mental acuity.
* Supports healthy tissue regeneration of the heart tissue, thymus and the entire endocrine system.
* Promotes increased creativity.
* Promotes lucid dreaming.
* Promotes improved memory.
* Supports DNA repair

Everything is energy, which is frequencies, including sound and vibrations. It all one of the same. In 5D, everything is in perfect harmony, but in 3D, we have discordant energy, disharmonious sounds and frequencies that pierce the body and cause chaos within the cells. We see this with Dr. Emoto’s water experiment, as lower vibrational words caused fractured water molecules. This too occurs with frequencies, which causes the DNA to become fractured and damaged. The DNA then becomes manipulated because it adjusts itself to these lower frequencies, causing distortions within the DNA spiral.

It can be used to stimulate the health of the eyes, bringing the eyes to an improved condition [the wearing of platinum is recommended to enhance this property]. Platinum also provides for a connection with other cellular structure of the physical body and activates, in the memory of each cell, the recognition of the healthy condition and the process required to maintain that condition; once the cells understand, the may effectively perform to dispel disorder within their structures.” 

This is why we have disease, illness, and birth defects, because these distortions are stored in the DNA and passed along through generations. If we just feel into the amount of discordant frequencies we experience in a day, which is inorganic vibrations, we see how the human vessel has taken on so much damage. We have inorganic lighting in our homes, we wake up to harsh tones from alarm clocks, chaotic energy that comes from WiFi, radio waves, microwaves, etc. 

Platinum also tends to function as an insulator. For example, as long as it's in the body either less sunscreen or none at all, would be needed because it's also involved in processing sunlight as a nutrient. In some people, it might even help in the relief of allergies.

Platinum, a very shiny metal, works like gold in bringing a shining and confident you to the surface, and also builds an inner strength that equates to your recognition of that true inner beauty. It’s a very balanced metal which is the reason why it is represented by both the sun and the moon.  Platinum tends to create this expansive reaction within you, giving you exuberance, an inner thrill that you might not have felt since being a child.

Our Gaia’s Colloidal Platinum holds the highest vibrations frequencies on the planet, as they are made within Mother Gods Unified Field. The Colloidal Platinum helps heal the DNA so that the vessel can evolve into a 5D vessel that is crystalline based rather than carbon. It heals the damaged DNA allowing to evolve into God/pure consciousness DNA. Our Colloidal Platinum is also infused with blueberry extract which assists with brain and nerve regeneration (plus it taste great!).  

The electrolisys process which is used for the GANS plasma and colloidal process works with our intent and energises the water with the frequency. The Platinum works with regenerating our DNA. When it is converted into nano particles it works with the energy fields of the body igniting our regenerative capabilities. The human body is so amazing at healing itself. It sometimes just needs a spark to get it going again. When working with the alchemy of Mother Earths precious metals it's really important to be in a present state so that you can allow the flow and guidance to come through. The plasma Platinum Sparks our DNA to regenerate all the connections that our poluted environment damaged. It's exciting times for those that choose to be grand in these moments. Platinum a very helpful tool for us embodying the grandest versions of ourselves.

The Colloidal Platinum is highest to be used with Colloidal Silver, which helps clear the emotional body of all toxins and density, and Colloidal Gold which heal the brain and opens up the brain/heart connection. These 3 tools are some of the tools of the ascension process, and the perfect trinity to bring our entire being in balance, harmony and healing.