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Gaia's Whole Healing Essentials

Plasma Healing Spray

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Our Plasma Healing Spray is made from pure plasma water and GANS water which creates a pure consciousness field of healing that can be sprayed on the face, body, and in any room to correct any misaligned energetics. 

Plasma makes up everything we see and touch. GANS are nanoparticles of consciousness in this dimension which make them easy to digest and absorb. GANS can absorb the frequency of anything and replicate it, so our plasma spray holds the consciousness of the pure field of Mother of All Creation.

Each 8 oz Original spray is scented Lavender & Peppermint scented which can both calm and cleanse any energetic field. Each 8 oz Iridium Plasma is scented with Coconut Lime. 

By spraying the plasma spray on the skin or body, it begins to correct and clear any lower energy that is lingering there and the skin and aura begin to heal. The plasma spray can also be used and sprayed on children and pets to help clear their fields and center them. Every room and environment can be cleansed with the spray as well. 

All of our products are made within the Unified Field and hold the highest vibrations and energetics on the planet.