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Testimonial ~ Colloidal Silver Miracle Cure

Written by Miguel Lamboy


Posted on October 04 2020

By Gwen Kaiser

I have used another brand of colloidal silver in the past and the results pale in comparison with that of Gaia’s Whole Healing colloidal silver. Sadly, some of my toes have gone numb thanks to Lyme Disease, and when I remember to regularly take Gaia’s colloidal silver, the numbness lessens. It also tastes good, which is unheard of for colloidal silver.

I help run an animal rescue organization, Reenie's Rabbit Rescue. Recently, We had a cat whose wet eye condition just wouldn’t quit. We tried two types of antibiotics which normally do the trick in cats and both failed to work. That’s when I turned to the long-overdue use of colloidal silver and that’s when Kitty’s eye cleared right up.

Unfortunately, when it comes to animals, the darkest of humanity is mirrored in the horrific cases of neglect we encounter too often. The cruelty these innocent souls have endured in their short lives is so painful to see that we are compelled to help. We try to give every animal that comes through our door the best possible
care so at the very least they know they were loved.

That's where Gaia’s colloidal silver comes in... our veterinarian is often surprised that our “special needs” bunnies are still with us... I am also an animal energy healer (, so between healing sessions, Gaia’s colloidal silver, good ‘ole TLC, and modern medicine (antibiotics), our rabbits tend to stick around! We have bunnies with acute chronic pneumonia, paralyzed bunnies, and many that just can’t be adopted out due to medical conditions that need a watchful eye at all times should they relapse.

I’m starting to panic now as we are almost out of colloidal silver and have to yet place an order. The thought of not being able to give our little fur babies the colloidal silver they thrive on is not a pleasant one... I’m going to place my order STAT and suggest you do the same!